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Mipiacemolto is a registered trademark of Imar s.r.l. All rights reserved.

Mipiacemolto is Imar srl properties with headquarters in Via del Lavoro, 10- 61029 Canavaccio of Urbino (PU) Italy VAT 01447410414. All purchases made on Mipiacemolto are governed by Italian law on distance sales (Legislative Decree n. 185 of 22/05/1999).

All prices are to be understood VAT included.
All products on are available for prompt delivery, unless otherwise noted.
In case of momentary depletion or product delays you will be immediately notified via email or telephone.
However Imar srl reserves the right not to complete the order without liability and without this resulting from any obligation to pay compensation to the purchaser.

The sales contract is confirmed by the buyer upon conclusion of the purchase on the web. However, the contract is concluded for Imar s.r.l. only when the expedition took place and has been served to the customer with a special e-mail confirmation. Anything not specified is governed by Legislative Decree n. 185 of 22/05/1999, which regulates the matter of distance contracts, that is done outside of business premises.

Images and representations

Pictures on Mipiacemolto site belong exclusively to Imar s.r.l. All graphical representations have been made in order to illustrate the product and are purely indicative. The products may differ from that shown. Over time products may be subject to small variations and Imar s.r.l. assumes no liability if such changes do not bring changes to the functionality and the intended use of a product.


All the contents on Mipiacemolto are copyrighted by Imar s.r.l. All rights reserved.

It is possible to make an electronic copy or print in hard copy portions of the site for the simple purpose of placing an order using the site as a shopping resource. Any other use of the material published on the website, including reproduction for purposes other than those above, modification, distribution, republication, without the previous written consent of Imar s.r.l. it is strictly prohibited.


The trust you place in us is very important, and the protection of your privacy and your data is a priority for us. We respect the directives established by the law with the new GDPR regulation to make you feel safe every time you browse our website, and herewith we want to inform you how we detect and use the data.

Responsible website

Mipiacemolto is a registered trademark IMAR s.r.l., for which the person responsible for the detection, processing and use of personal data is IMAR s.r.l. To deny consent to the detection, processing and use of your personal data you can send a declaration by email, fax or letter to the contacts below: c/o Imar s.r.l.
Via del Lavoro, 10
61029, Urbino (PU)
Fax: +39 0722 354029


Personal data

Personal data means information that identifies or identifies a natural person or that can provide details on its characteristics, habits, lifestyles, personal relationships, health, economic situation, etc ..
Identifying data (such as personal data), sensitive data (such as religion, race, political orientation) and judicial data are relevant.
In practice we talk about all the data that you communicate to us at the time of registration or purchase. For each of our customers, an account is created to allow them to view the status of the orders and change the details of the addresses, payment methods and subscription to our newsletter.
Obviously, however, you will have to commit yourself not to disclose your personal data. We do not protect the illegal use of passwords unless the cases of abuse are attributable to our faults.
As for the statistical data that can be found on our site, such as the most visited pages or the best-selling products, which are not directly related to you, are not part of personal data.
Detection, processing and use of your personal data
Data protection is a right of every user, which we respect diligently. All the data that we collect and process have as their purpose the correct execution of the purchasing procedures, to guarantee the best possible experience in our online shop. Your personal data will be communicated to third parties only for shipping and marketing services, or prior consent from you. Our service providers may use the data provided solely and exclusively to fulfill their duties and have no right to use the information for other purposes not related to our business. For this they must sign a declaration on the protection of data and their protection.
To be able to process your order we need to know the name, address, payment details and email. In this way we can communicate with you for every detail related to your purchase. In addition, through the email I could access your customer area to monitor each order phase, and we could send you email to keep you updated on the execution of the order.
In the event that there is no obligation to store data and request cancellation, they will be deleted once their function is completed.

Use of your data for advertising purposes

In addition to the proper fulfillment of your order, we use your contact to update you on your order, specific products or marketing activities and to inform you about any news and products that may interest you.
If you sign up for our newsletter, know that we handle these email messages with Hubspot; if you want to know the privacy policy of Hubspot click here.
At any time you have the possibility to revoke your authorization to use your email for advertising purposes. It is sufficient to send a written communication to the contacts mentioned above.


We will send you an e-mail newsletter only if you have expressly stated that you wish to activate this free service. At any time you can cancel your registration by sending an email to or via the deactivation link in the same newsletter.

Right to information of the interested party

According to the data protection law you have the right to receive free information about your saved data and you can request correction, blocking or cancellation.
The protection of your data is extremely important to us. In order to ensure that personal data are not shared with third parties, please send your request accompanied by the data that allow your identification via email or mail to: c/o Imar s.r.l.
Via del Lavoro, 10
61029, Urbino (PU)
Fax: +39 0722 354029


Social plugin

We use Social Plugins of different social networks through which you can, for example, share content or put likes on our social pages. In this way, if you are logged into the social network you want to interact with, the information will be directly communicated by the browser to the social network that will save it.
If you do not want the social network not to collect data on our site you will have to exit your social accunt before accessing the shop. Alternatively you can disable the social plugins with a simple click on our site. In this case the browser will not send cookies to the server when it will find embedded contents of other service providers. This setting could compromise, besides the function of the “plugin” button, also other generic functions of other sites.
You can consult the information on the protection of social network data in the respective dedicated pages within the same networks or websites.
On our website we use the plugins of Facebook, Google, Pinterest:


We use social network plugins managed by Facebook Inc., 1601 S. California Ave, Palo Alto, CA 94304 USA (“Facebook”). At the following link you find the declaration on data protection of Facebook: Information on the protection of data on Facebook.


We use Pinterest social network plugins managed by Pinterest Inc., 635 High Street, Palo Alto, CA, USA (“Pinterest”). At the following link you can find the declaration on data protection of Pinterest: Information on the protection of data on Pinterest.

Social Sign in

We give you the opportunity to mark on our online shop with one of your social profiles indicated by us:
Facebook, Google, Linkedin and PayPal.
To use these features you will first be redirected to the social page, then you will be asked to log in with your username and password if you are not already logged in. Obviously we will not be aware of this information.
The social network will transmit the data that will be transmitted to us (different depending on the social network) after you have consented to this transfer through a click on “accept” or “ok” (different depending on the social network). With this information we create a customer account, but obviously we will not save the contact list or friends. After all, there will be no permanent connection between your client account and your social account.
You can find all the information about the purpose and extent of data collection and the consequent processing and use of data through the Social Network, as well as rights and settings for the protection of your privacy, in the guidelines on the protection of Network data.