Dettaglio-tavolino-originale-GLAM-con-vassoio-design-bianco | Mipiacemolto
Dettaglio-tavolino-originale-GLAM-con-vassoio-design-bianco | Mipiacemolto Soggiorno con parete bicolore con tavolini originali con bande elastiche GLAM e mensole angolari Tavolino soggiorno originale giallo con elastici grigi GLAM e portavaso a forma di barchetta Salotto con parete bicolore arredata con tavolino basso con bande elastiche GLAM, box portariviste e mensola a lettere love Tavolino soggiorno originale GLAM con vassoio design bianco

GLAM original table for coffee or bedside

Design by Ludovica Carioti

Fashions change but style remains

Glam is the only coloured metal table whose sides are made of colourful elastic straps: choose your favourite colours and have fun attaching them however you like! The ideal accessory, and a solution that will help make your life easier by adjusting to your varying needs. Give your living space aesthetics, charm and timeless style


Want to order a significant amount?

Original table for coffee or bedside

Glam is available in two versions: coffee table for the living room and designer bedside table, taller and more compact. The Glam coffee table is the perfect way of hiding from view those little items that make your living room untidy; while in the bedroom there’ll be no more books scattered around, thanks to the Glam bedside table.

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Coffee table   W 55 cm  D 55 cm  H 45 cm
(set of 2 elastic bands of 10 m each)

Bedside   W 30 cm  D 30  H 65 cm
(set of 2 elastic bands of 5 m each)



Coffee table  7,6 Kg

Bedside   5,2 Kg

Assembly Instruction

Easy to assemble