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CICADA Jewel box with drawer, mirror and clock

Design by Roberto Giacomucci


Aesthetics meets functionality

Original in shape and compact in size, Cicada is a jewel box set with an exclusive colored drawer, perfect for storing your bijoux! The fantastic mix of functionality and practicality in everyday use will make this decor accessory indispensable in your life.


Want to order a significant amount?

Modern jewelry box

If you want to create your personal beauty-station to give yourself a moment of relax, Cicada is the jewel box with a drawer that is right for you, use it as a container for your make-up. The small mirror always at hand will serve to define the last details, the clock for not getting late to your date!

In addition to its practical function as a jewelery drawer, Cicada is also an original multi-functional decorative accessory with a modern look. Drawer and its container are available in different color combinations, choose your favorite and bring home the pop style you like!

Not only designer container with drawer, Cicada, if placed on a console at the entrance, can also act as Designer change tray, the practical drawer will hide smaller objects to keep the top always in order.

With Cicada you can also reinvent the space on your desk, for home but also for office, it can be a practical container for the stationery and a pen holder with a bizarre shape. For those sitting hours at the desk for study or work, personalizing your desk with original and colorful accessories can make the difference. Cicada can also help you study ?, hide your smartphone in the drawer to not see notifications from social media and not lose concentration!


W 30 cm D 25 cm H35 cm

Mirror Ø 12 cm


4,16 Kg

Assembly Instruction

Easy to assemble