wall-mounted accessory in painted metal GLAM con bande elastiche
Parete colorata con portaoggetti originale GLAM con bande elastiche Organizer da parete originale e colorato GLAM Portaoggetti da parete originale GLAM Parete decorata con mensole a cubo e organizer da parete originale GLAM

GLAM wall accessory

Design by Raffaele Gerardi


First there was chaos. Then along came Glam.

Glam is the wall-mounted accessory in painted metal that holds all kinds of objects in a small space. Put your ideas of tidiness into action by experimenting with countless ways of placing your belongings between the elasticated straps. It’s a useful, functional and fun decor item that allows you to express all your personality and creativity!


Want to order a significant amount?

Designer wall organiser

Glam is an original wall-mounted organiser. Calling it a mere object holder doesn’t do it justice… Glam is no ordinary wall-mounted accessory; in fact it needs a touch of your creativity to bring it to life. How? Don’t worry, it’s easy!
Once you’ve chosen the colours you want (for the frame and the elastic straps), it’s your job and your pleasure to compose it exactly as you wish! 😉

PORTAOGGETTI-GLAM-_disegno-tecnico | Mipiacemolto


Frame W 49 cm D 4 cm H 49 cm

Elastic 5 m


2 Kg

Screw kit for fixing included

Assembly Instruction

Easy to assemble