Portaoggetti originale da scrivania con sconparti Pettine
Angolo studio con originale contenitore per scrivania, mensole a cubo colorate e portaoggetti da parete Originale portaoggetti da tavolo Pettine

PETTINE metal desk organiser

Design by Roberto Giacomucci

It’s up to you to keep things tidy!

Pettine is the original desktop organiser in colourful metal. The slotted ends allow you to divide the space and create plenty of different-sized compartments to hold all your stuff. Flexibility, civilisation and youthfulness are the characteristics our accessory will bring to your daily routine. Organise your home with style!


Want to order a significant amount?

Original desk organiser

Have you heard that an untidy desk is the sign of an untidy mind? Of course we can’t generalise, we’re creatives! In any case, you’re bound to love Pettine, the original desktop organiser that allows you to change the spaces to suit your needs. There are two models available.

PORTAOGGETTI-PETTINE_disegno-tecnico | Mipiacemolto


Big  W 45 cm  D 6 cm  H 6 cm
(4 divider accessory)

Small W 30 cm D 6 cm H 6 cm
(3 divider accessory)

Divider accessory W 8 cm H 7,5 cm


Big 1,3 kg

Small 1 kg