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Wall decor cubes SEGMENTO

Design by Roberto Giacomucci


 “Do you like it? Yes, a lot”

Small things but big mess? No need to worry anymore, we have the solution:  Segment! The perfect organizer for any living space, both in your home and office, you will need him!

Its cute cubic storage drawers will bring order and color, bringing harmony to your room. What are you waiting for? Choose the color of the wall containers you like the most


Want to order a significant amount?

Wall-mounted storage

Segmento is a cubic design organizer made of metal. Resistant and unique, it allows you to play with colors and irony in any space.

These storage shelves are ideal as a bathroom organizer to keep makeup, toothbrushes and creams in order. Also as a kitchen organizer it has its reason! Spices, ladles, napkins, everything will finally have a nice and functional arrangement.

Segmento cubic storage drawers are perfect as furniture cubes even in your corridor, in the living area, in the bedroom and even in the studio. But it’s not over here … it is ideal also in the office, in the reception, in the waiting room and so on.

Let yourself be carried away by your imagination and your needs. Color, irony and above all functionality are the characteristics of these fantastic wall containers.



W 35 cm D 16 cm H 99 cm


5,8 Kg

Screw kit for fixing included

Assembly Instruction

Easy to assemble