Mensole a cubo colore rosa in metallo con angoli arrotondati
Parete living moderna con mensole a cubo colorate Parete decorata con mensole a cubo colorate in metallo | Mipiacemolto

CIOK and BICIOK cube-shaped shelves

Design by Raffaele Gerardi

Things you like fit into a Ciok; things you really like fit into a Biciok!

Ciok and Biciok are colourful cube-shaped shelves with rounded corners. You can put them anywhere, at home or in the office. A simple and colourful accessory to display the things you really like. You can create a personalised composition by combining more than one Ciok, or pairing Ciok and Biciok.


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Coloured cube-shaped shelves

Ciok and Biciok are cube-shaped metal wall shelves with rounded corners.

For those who love pop style and anyone else, these colourful cube-shaped shelves are a must, because they give your creativity free rein to furnish your home with original arrangements.

MENSOLE-CIOK-e-BICIOK_-disegni-tecnici | Mipiacemolto


Ciok shelf   W 22 cm D 22 cm  H 22 cm

Biciok shelf   W 22 cm  D 22 cm  H 35 cm


Ciok shelf   2,37 Kg

Biciok shelf  2,98 Kg

Screw kit for fixing included

Assembly Instruction

Easy to assemble