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INVISIBLE disappearing shelf

Design by Michele Casoli

They said they’d seen books suspended in mid-air, but I didn’t believe it…until….

Invisible shelves are made of thin, tough metal. Distinguishing features? They become invisible when they hold items larger than they are. Perfect for displaying your favourite things by letting them hang, almost floating in the air. If you love minimalism and you never stop dreaming, this is the shelf for you!


Want to order a significant amount?

Disappearing bookshelf

Do you have a collection of books you want to keep in view always? Invisible wall-mounted shelves are definitely what you need! They can hold up to 20 kg and are easier to install than bracket-free shelves with concealed hooks.

You’ll find them in three different sizes:

Invisible Small is the smallest size, but just as tough.
Invisible Big is 24.5 cm long and 18 cm deep; by arranging several you can make the perfect invisible bookcase for your encyclopedia!
Invisible Twin is a different shape from the others, but the principle is the same: “The more books you put on it, the less you see it!”

MENSOLE-INVISIBLE_disegno-tecnico | Mipiacemolto


Invisible shelf Small   W 13,5 cm  D 11 cm  H 3,6 cm

Invisible shelf Big   W 24,5 cm  D 18 cm  H 3,6 cm

Invisible shelf Twin   W 39 cm  D 14 cm  H 13 cm


Invisible shelf Small   0.22 Kg

Invisible shelf Big   0,69 Kg

Invisible shelf Twin   1,45 Kg

Screw kit for fixing included

Assembly Instruction

Easy to assemble