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Set of 3 GEOMETRIC U-shaped metal shelves

Design by Michele Casoli

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A set that will make your walls unique!


Geometric is a model of U-shaped shelves in colored metal.
The style is minimal and functional, ideal for lovers of order. You can hang the Geometric shelf as you like and create a unique composition by combining it with other geometric-shaped shelves.





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U-shaped shelves

Geometric U-shaped metal shelves are practical and minimal in style. Create your own composition; you can hang it wherever you like and design an original combination by pairing it with other geometric shelves.

This set is composed by three Geometric shelves:

A Geometric One, the smallest shelf of the three. Have fun creating harmony in every room by playing with colours and shapes.

A Geometric Two: this one has double the space of One for arranging your books and other items. If you love to keep your things tidy, this is the product for you. Hang it any way you like and create a unique composition by combining it with other Geometric shelves.

And a Geometric Three, the largest coloured metal shelf, with three sides. By combining all these you can create a real wall unit to store all your things.

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Geometric One   L 30 cm  P 21 cm  H 30 cm

Geometric Two  L 45 cm  P 21 cm H 30 cm

Geometric Three  L 67,5 cm  P 21 cm  H 30 cm


Geometric One  2,4 Kg

Geometric Two  2,73 Kg

Geometric Three  3,4Kg

Screw kit for fixing included

Assembly Instruction

Easy to assemble