Pinza per dolci in acciaio inossidabile lucido | Mipiacemolto
Pinza per dolci in acciaio inossidabile lucido | Mipiacemolto Pinza per servire fatta di torta | Mipiacemolto Pinza da cucina in acciaio inossidabile lucido | Mipiacemolto Pinza da cucina in acciaio | Mipiacemolto

Kitchen tong in polished stainless steel LA PINZA

Design by Massimo Marcelli


Set the table with la pinza

A kitchen accessory that proves to be truly indispensable, when it’s time to serve your favorite dish on the table. Exotic takeaway food or traditional recipe prepared by you? It doesn’t matter, you’ll make a great impression with the multi-purpose kitchen tong anyway.


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Food tongs

Everyone should have at least one handy kitchen tong in polished stainless steel for cooking and serving.

Especially when the warm season is approaching and the desire to organize a tasty barbecue with friends is back. The friend who loves masterfully turn over burgers with style and showmanship with a grilling pliers while drinking sipping his iced drink, will certainly need a barbecue tongs like La Pinza.

On the other hand, when the time comes for dessert, if you have a tongs for your desserts among your kitchen utensils, it doesn’t matter if you opt for a classic finger food cake or dessert, La Pinza is the ideal accessory!

A pliers for food must guarantee safety of the quality of the materials and be not only resistant but also easy to clean. Like the chrome kitchen pliers designed for all types of food.


W 23 cm  D 2 cm  H 3 cm


0,16 Kg