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Modern aluminum Napkin Holder DAI

Design by Alessandro Paolini

An interesting touch on your table

On each table, food quality should be exalted with colorful accessories suitable for the table. In the kitchen or in the dining room, an important ally is definitely a modern napkin holder!  Amaze your guests with DAI, the design napkin holders with a modern and refined style. The wood that marries metal in a perfect combination!



Want to order a significant amount?

Colorful accessories suitable for the table

To arrange a table set with style, let yourself be carried away by modern design DAI.

Elegant kitchen napkin holder made of aluminum to guarantee a unique lightness, combined with a wooden base that gives a refined touch to this complement.

Choose the carved style to play with napkins’ colors and make every moment spent at the table ironic and funny. You can also opt for the linear style, perfect to have dinners with your friends. Then, these colorful accessories suitable for the table cannot miss in your home!


L 19 cm D 5 cm H 20 cm


0,8 Kg