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KEY BOX Magnetic key holder for wall

Design by Sara Lucarini


Losing the keys? Not anymore!

If you are among those that every time you leave your house, perhaps in a hurry, you are faced with that strange phenomenon of disappearance of the keys … do not be discouraged! We have an essential accessory for you, a a magnetic key holder cube shaped, which you can hang on the wall.


Want to order a significant amount?

Wall keychain

At first glance they might seem simple and pretty wall deco accessories (and they are!), But don’t underestimate them, they will be precious helper in keeping your house or car keys always handy.
Hanging your magnetic key holder for wall near the entrance certainly represents the most immediate solution even if, they can be a versatile and nice solution also for other rooms.
This is not the usual keychain with hanging hooks, we propose original key holder with magnet that show their usefulness only when used, to let emerge only the aesthetic value and the colored designs.
Returning home, all you have to do is bring your set of keys closer to the magnetic key rack and they will remain suspended without risking being lost among all various objects in the house!

Key Box is a modern wall key chain, a truly functional design accessory, you can find it in three different variants, for lovers of geometric decorations the Key Box with square spiral is the pattern that will best meet your aesthetic sense. The Key Box quadratini instead recalls the geometric texture composed checkered pattern. If you are a fan of cats the third model Key Box gatto is what suits you, discover it in different colors!

Furthermore, mounting the wall key holwall key holderder is simple and immediate.


W 10 cm  D 3 cm  H 10 cm


0,24 Kg

Assembly Instruction

Easy to assemble