set decorazione da parete da ingresso
set decorazione da parete da ingresso Soggiorno-in-stile-moderno-con-specchio-rotondo-appendiabiti-e-orologio-design Kit-complementi-arredo-da-ingresso-orologio-specchio-appendiabiti-DOMOKIT-colore-verde-salvia-con-accessori-bianco

DOMOKIT Entrance wall decoration set

Design by Roberto Giacomucci


What time is it? One last look in the mirror and let’s go!

Whether romantic or business meeting, we are all a bit eager to leave on time and arrive at the right time. Better to keep the clock in sight, so much better if it is placed near the mirror, because we know a last look is a must, then take the keys and go!


Want to order a significant amount?

Wall clock set

If you are looking for an entrance wall decoration set, able to enrich the space playing with colors for a welcome with a fresher look, Domokit is the right complement for your needs.

Unfortunately sometimes, either because we are too concentrated on the other rooms of the house or because the space is too small it is not always easy to find a practical and original idea to enhance the entrance or the corridor of your house

Why choose the classic hallway furniture with hangers, when you can choose a functional solution, but with a cute design?

An ideal accessory to furnish the entrance of the home without weighing down the environment can be a complement to hang. Domokit is composed of three different modules that you can place on the wall at your leisure, each with a different use. You will have a modern wall clock, a square mirror and a comfortable coat rack with a storage pocket for storing the keys or not only.


L 30 cm  W 5 cm  H 30 cm


10,44 Kg

Assembly Instruction

Easy to assemble