Cornice portafoto moderno in metallo LOVELY a forma di cuore
Cornice portafoto LOVELY a forma di cuore colore nero Porta foto cornice colorato in metallo LOVELY camera ragazza | Portafoto Lovely su sfondo nero con foto innamorati affiancati da libri | Mipiacemolto

LOVELY heart-shaped photo holder

Design by Raffaele Gerardi


Lovely is full of love

Lovely is the modern photo holder in painted metal from the Love range of products. It’s heart-shaped to hold your fondest memories and love. It can be combined with other accessories from the Love range to fill your home with passion!


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Modern heart-shaped photo holder

Magnetic and heart-shaped, Lovely is a perfect photo holder and the ideal gift for any occasion. Discover the other accessories in the Love range!

PORTAFOTO-LOVELY_disegno-tecnico | Mipiacemolto


W 7 cm  D 14,7 cm  H 9 cm


0,15 Kg